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The Guitar Crib

I learned about the dearth of accessories that organize guitar cases from my client. Apparently guitar holders are plentiful, but guitar CASE holders are a rare find. An avid classical guitarist, she now owns a collection of six guitars (left image). Based on her criteria, I designed a mobile guitar crib to house the six homeless guitars. A rendering of the first version is on the right. My goal was to engineer a design that required as little wood as possible after deciding that my previous project used too much material unnecessarily.

   Constructing the main housing was straightforward enough. I hoped to also fabricate a flexible “partition” to keep guitars in place. After some research, I stumbled on this beautiful rocking chair designed by Alexey Brodovitch, the 3rd place winner of a 1948 low-cost furniture design competition.

The detail of the rope being sewn through the wood like fabric inspired me to try the same. A view of my finished empty guitar crib below:

I chickened out on color because of the high quality of the wood (I used leftover pieces of the birch and walnut plywood). A side view:

The back view:

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