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Coffee Table in the City (Video)

As an experiment, a friend suggested that I place the Hammock Coffee Table on a bustling sidewalk and film the results from a “spycam”. We shot some footage at the intersection of Vermont and 6th Street in Koreatown, LA. Watch the video to see what happens when a coffee table appears mysteriously on a street corner. The video seeks to challenge the perception that no one walks or uses public transit in Los Angeles, while also romanticizing a sometimes forgotten corner in the City.


Filmed by …… Danny Kim
Edited by …… Julie Kim
Featuring …… Quynh’s legs
and ………… Jimin’s torso
Also starring… Los Angeles

Location ……. Koreatown bus stop
Soundtrack …. “Tighten up” on the Dusty Fingers compilation


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  5. This is so cool… I have watched it several times now. I like watching the people in the background too. The girls are so cute, brushing their hair out of their eyes dozens of times!

  6. good stuff! I’m in boston at the moment – and keep thinking – that a random assortment of neighborhood gatherings using the street furniture that clutters the streets around august 1 and september 1 (key university moving times) would be an ideal way for the city to create interesting community interactions – while also showcasing some of the furniture that might otherwise go to waste. say one street is a day-long library / another is a living room / another is a dining room (a la a more informal version of the paris/nyc flash dinner meet-ups).

    it’s great to see creativity around the textures and furniture that can be used to change up cities/locations.

    • Kate, reconfiguring furniture clutter on the streets into public rooms sounds like an awesome idea. I would love to see how it pans out! Keep me posted…

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  11. When random people start dusting the coffee table, wiping up spills, putting out coasters, leaving magazines for other folks to read, and generally investing the minimal thought and effort to maintain and improve this public space, what you’ll be seeing is a manifestation of a “trust-based” society of random associators.

    De Tocqueville remarked on this characteristic of American society early in our nation’s history, and except in those activities where the armed thugs of civil government have usurped roles they are neither equipped nor lawfully empowered to undertake, Americans tend pretty reliably to do things that they think will benefit people in their communities whom they know they’ll never even meet, much less get to know.

    We can all be absolutely certain that the moment some government-employed goon comes across this coffee table, he’ll see to it that it’s removed as a “public nuisance,” and probably try to get Julie Kim arrested for littering.

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